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About Us

Dear our customers,

In recent years, traveling has become an indispensable need for everyone, every home. Regardless of the  subject or profession, there is a demand to come out of the familiar environment to explore, experience, admire and enjoy the colorful outside world. Each person will have a different way of "traveling", some like to explore on their own (go backpacking); other people want to travel to enjoy, experience; while some people consider “Tourism” as a means to promote business, restore energy… But no matter how “Tourism” is in your mind, planning a trip is still important, prerequisites to get value, meaning and achieve the expectations set out before the trip.

Moon Luxury is here to accompany you to plan those schedules in the most perfect way, achieve the highest value and most importantly utilize your opportunities, time and money effectively and bring the most profound value.

With the desire to become a reliable companion of tourists on your every journey, we will always plan with you to go to any place where we can see the Moon. With a team of creation, dynamism, passionation about discovery, we are confident to help you to raise the level of M.I.C.E, tourism combined with conference, discovery tourism to a higher level, helping your company's image to be deeply imprinted in the memory of excellent employees, excellent agents help your trips to the right place, at the right time so that the cost is lowest but the return value is the highest.

Although you are an individual or a corporation, traveling domestically or internationally, Moon Luxury is deeply appreciative of your satisfaction.

Best wishes.

Moon Luxury.